Stanwich School Celebrates the Beginning of Year "Sweet 16"

Chatter, laughter and excitement filled the air as Stanwich School students in grades PreK through 12 gathered for the first day of the school year. On Tuesday, September 3, Paul Geise, Head of the Stanwich School, greeted the students and faculty members that belong to the Stanwich community for the beginning of the school’s 16th year.

“Happy New Year, and welcome to this 16th opening ceremony at Stanwich School.  This is a momentous year, an historic year, a year in which we graduate our first senior class on this campus and fulfill the dream envisioned by our founder Mrs. Young,” Mr. Geise told Stanwich’s students and faculty during morning greeting.

“Last week America celebrated the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, when Dr. Martin Luther King’s message and dream told us that only together, as one, can we truly make God’s world a better place. That is my hope and prayer for each of you in this sixteenth year when we graduate our 16 seniors and then combine our two campuses into one,” said Mr. Geise. “That has been the dream of Stanwich; to begin in pre-kindergarten and finish in grade 12, on one campus, as one school, here in Greenwich. A momentous time, an historic time … your time, our time. One mind, one body, one spirit … one school. Stanwich!”

The school’s senior class walked into the assembly hand-in-hand with the kindergarten class, symbolizing Stanwich’s growth. At the assembly, senior Esther Hoekstra remarked that she was most looking forward to, “Creating my AP art portfolio,” while classmate David Lau echoed many of his peers in saying, “I’m excited to be a part of Stanwich history.”

Stanwich, which was founded in 1998, is celebrating a year of new beginnings, highlighted by the recent announcement that the school will be housing all of its students, grades PreK through 12, on its 40-acre Greenwich campus beginning in September of 2013. When the new school year begins in 2014, Stanwich will be the only PreK through grade 12 coeducational independent school in Greenwich.


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