Take the "It Can Wait" Pledge Not to Text and Drive this Thursday

AT&T wants all of its customers to safely enjoy their smartphones, and it's urging Greenwich residents to share their commitment to never text and drive on Thursday, the national "Drive 4 Pledges Day."


No text message is worth the safety risk. When it comes to texting while driving, AT&T says "It can wait."


The company's New England team is urging everyone to take the It Can Wait pledge never to text and drive. The team has set a goal of gathering 500,000 pledges across all six New England states by the end of the year. 


People who text while driving are 23 times more likely to be in a crash than those who resist the urge to send messages while behind the wheel. More than 100,000 accidents each year involve drivers who are texting, and 75 percent of today's teenagers say texting while driving is "common" among their friends. And it's not just an issue with teen drivers: A recent poll reports that nearly half of commuters admit to texting while driving, and those who did called it a "habit." 


Each pledge to not text and drive is a symbol of commitment to a movement that encourages people to make safe decisions while using smartphones. Among those who have already pledged not to text and drive are U.S. Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas, professional golfer Zach Johnson and actress Demi Lovato. Join them and others by supporting the movement, taking the pledge and spreading the message. 


To take the pledge and to learn more about the initiative, visit the It Can Wait web site


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