Letter: The Nathaniel Witherell Is a 'Greenwich Treasure'

Greenwich Selectman Drew Marzullo asks community to continue support of the town-owned health care facility.

The Nathaniel Witherell nursing home. Patch file photo.
The Nathaniel Witherell nursing home. Patch file photo.

To the Editor,

Many years ago,  when the town overwhelmingly supported retaining ownership of The Nathaniel Witherell Short Term and Skilled Nursing Center, I was proud to have voted in its favor.

As someone new to local politics, I remember passionately speaking for the first time on the RTM floor about a Greenwich treasure that has helped heal thousands in need of medical treatment. Like many, I have observed Witherell's staff, including doctors, nurses, volunteers, assistants, food services, technical, clerical and custodial personnel, deliver exceptional patient care.

The administrators and Board of Directors are an amazing group of individuals committed to overseeing a much-needed renovation project slated for completion sometime this summer.

Greenwich is blessed beyond belief to have generous residents whose philanthropy is so prevalent and so appreciated, and it's the richness of places like Nathaniel Witherell that makes Greenwich, Greenwich.

If you've never visited, please do so and take a tour. You will surely leave with a good feeling. And please consider making a contribution, small or large, to Nathaniel Witherell's Capital Campaign. A contribution to Nathaniel Witherell now may very well be an investment in the care of yourself or a loved one in the future!

Drew Marzullo
Ed Krumeich April 19, 2014 at 10:41 AM
My Dad moved to NW from another local nursing home toward the end of his life. The difference was noticeable and starts with the staff. The NW staff is experienced and have longevity, perhaps because they are unionized. The other thing that strikes you is that NW is a cherished local institutions with strong ties to the community. When my Dad was a practicing podiatrist he used to love coming to NW to treat his patients. He passed his last days there and at Greenwich Hospital. We are profoundly grateful for the care he received.


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