Public Health Month Kicks Off Monday at Greenwich Town Hall

A deer tick being tested. Flickr.com.
A deer tick being tested. Flickr.com.

Like many communities around the country, the Greenwich Department of Health is celebrating National Public Health Month in an effort to draw attention to the need to help protect and improve the nation’s health. These educational events — which will be held on Monday, April 7, are designed to educate Americans about ways to keep safe and live healthier lives.

Public health plays an important role in our lives everyday in our homes, school, at work, while on the move, and within the community. Prevention varies from storing foods properly in the refrigerator to lifestyle changes to help avoid chronic disease “Public health starts at home. From family nutrition to safety precautions and disaster preparedness,” stated Director of Health Caroline Calderone Baisley. In recognition of public health, the Greenwich Department of Health will be promoting ways to “Be Healthy from the Start.” 

On Monday, April 7, between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. at Greenwich Town Hall Lobby, the Department of Health will display a few programs that support keeping you safe and healthy: 

Clinical Services- Increasing awareness of HIV and STD prevention by providing pamphlets and discussing the importance of STD testing. 

Laboratory- It’s tick season and ticks carry pathogen organisms that carry tick-borne diseases. Tick identification, tick testing services, and information on how to avoid getting tick-borne diseases will be displayed. There will also be specimens of ticks and a microscope to view how small ticks are and how engorged they can become. 

Family Health- Establishing healthy lifestyles at an early age through good nutrition and exercise habits. 

Environmental Services- To stress the importance of food safety, information will be available on safe food handling and how to avoid food borne illnesses.

Dental Health Services – Preventing oral health disease is important to everyone. Educational material about oral cancer, gum disease and diabetes will be available.  

For information, call (203) 622-7857. 


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