New Haven, Harlem Line Schedule Changes Set for Monday, July 7

Another series of schedule changes to accommodate rail commuters goes into effect Monday, July 7.

Photo: MTA.
Photo: MTA.

From Metro-North.

If you're riding the rails come Monday, you'll want to make sure you have the latest changes to the New Haven and Harlem Line schedules.

Metro-North will make adjustments to its New Haven and Harlem Line service on Monday, July 7 after closely monitoring performance, taking customer counts and listening to customer suggestions following the implementation of its May 11 schedule change.

One change that occurred on June 9, when the first Waterbury train, the 5:46 AM, will be extended from Bridgeport to Stamford. 

These changes are intended to improve the customer experience by reducing crowding and enhancing connections.

Adjustments on the New Haven Line include: 

In the AM Peak: 

The 6:50 AM all-stops local from Stamford to Grand Central Terminal will depart Stamford six minutes later, at 6:56 AM. This change will restore a connection with the 5:48 AM train from New Haven, which arrives at Stamford at 6:52 AM. Customers will save up to 28 minutes of travel time as a result of this connection.

To accommodate this change and prevent train congestion in the segment of our territory between Woodlawn and Grand Central, the following adjustments will be made:

  • The 6:55 AM semi-express from Stamford will operate five minutes earlier, departing Stamford at 6:50 AM.
  • The 7:29 AM from New Rochelle will operate seven minutes earlier, departing at 7:22 AM.
  • The 7:28 AM from Harrison will operate three minutes later, departing at 7:31 AM, but the arrival time of this train at Grand Central Terminal will not change.

Also, to relieve crowding, the 6:20 AM train from New Haven to Grand Central will add stops at Old Greenwich, Riverside, and Cos Cob, but will no longer stop at Port Chester and Rye stations. 

To accommodate customers at these stations, a new train will depart Greenwich at 7:33 AM, making stops at Port Chester and Rye before running express to Harlem-125th Street and Grand Central. 

In the PM Peak: 

The 6:35 PM train from Grand Central Terminal to New Haven will depart Grand Central four minutes earlier, at 6:31 PM. This change is being made in response to a crowding issue on this train. 

On the Waterbury Branch: Effective June 9, the first AM Peak train, the 5:46 AM, from Waterbury will be extended from Bridgeport to Stamford, restoring a one-seat ride for Waterbury Branch customers, who will also save 16 minutes of travel time. 

On the Danbury Branch:  The Connecticut Department of Transportation, its signal contractor, and Metro-North will wrap up remediation work on the branch’s grade crossing systems by July 7. As a result, off-peak and weekend train service, which has been replaced by bus service since earlier this year, will resume.

To accomplish the Waterbury Branch change above, the first outbound train from South Norwalk to Danbury will depart South Norwalk 10 minutes later when full train service resumes on July 7, but will arrive in Danbury at the same time.

Adjustments on the Harlem Line include:

  • The 6:46 AM from Goldens Bridge to Grand Central Terminal will depart from White Plains station two minutes earlier at 7:16 AM.
  • The 7:11 AM local from North White Plains to Grand Central Terminal will operate six minutes later.
  • The 7:34 AM express from North White Plains to Grand Central Terminal will operate one minute later and arrive in Grand Central two minutes later.

Minor changes (affecting four arrival times in Manhattan by less than five minutes after 10:30 PM) will be implemented as necessary to support late-night capital improvement projects.

In addition to these schedule adjustments, Metro-North has added cars to a number of trains to relieve crowding identified following the May 11 schedule change. 

Customers can pick up new timetables in Grand Central Terminal and at outlying stations, or view train times on the interactive schedules page.


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