Greenwich Waterfront Properties Are Hot, HOt, HOT

Waterfront properties in Greenwich are among the highest sales recorded in the Greenwich Tax Assessor's Office between Sept. 17-Sept. 28, 2012.


It seems that waterfront properties are popular and have the highest price tags in Greenwich, given the most recent real estate transactions recorded in the Greenwich Tax Assessor's office.

Among the high sales recorded in mid- to late September are two properties on Pilot Rock Lane in the Riverside section of Greenwich. There were two houses sold on the street including 26 Pilot Rock for $13.3 million on 1.8 acres and 22 Pilot Rock for $6.2 million on 1.3 acres. Another waterfront estate sold on Byram Shore Road for $4.1 million.

Sept. 17:

  • 15 Pinecroft Rd.: Roy L. and Christine A. Standfest to Christopher K. and Wendolyn Leigh Hearn, trustees; $5,450,000.
  • 16 Oakwood Ln.: John M. and John H. Roach Jr. to David L. and Laiuren A. Cranston; $2,300,000.
  • 7 Ricki Beth Ln.: Thomas J. Silberstein and Elizabeth H. Newman to Christopher T. and Nina F. McIntyre; $2,475,000.

Sept. 18:

  • 30 Rustic View Rd.: Robert P. Harsch to Jeff Lederer and Wendy Caplin; $1,550,000.
  • 106 Parsonage Rd.: Kathryn Gabler, trustee, to Anthony A. Starpoli; $2,875,000.
  • 1 Florence Rd., Lot 29A-2-1: Estate of Martha F. Marron to Xiaokui Qin and Hui Wen; $311,000.
  • 1 Florence Rd.: Estate of Martha F. Marron to Xiaokui Qin and Hui Wen; $8,470.
  • 1 Florence Rd.: Estate of Martha F. Marron to Xiaokui Qin and Hui Wen; $838,530.
  • 44 Kahkum Wood Rd.: Jeremy E. Kaye, trustee to Kennech J. and Robin A. Kencel; $6,800,000.
  • 44 Greenwich Hills Dr.: Ilene Mankoff, trustee, to Robert C. Miller; $679,000.
  • 26 Pilot Rock Ln.: John and Estelle M. Phillipps to DFTT LLC; $13,305,000.

Sept. 19:

  • 333 Palmer Hill Rd., Unit 3C: Daniel Beyda to Franklin H. Bloomer Jr.; $740,000.

Sept. 20:

  • 271 W. Putnam Ave.: Estate of Val E. Fiorita to 271 West Putnam LLC; $1,050,000.
  • 14 Hearthstone Dr.: John R. and Lucille C. O’Dwyer to Elk Homes Partners LP; $1,387,500.

Sept. 21:

  • 79 Dingletown Rd.: Peter Grossman, trustee, to Albert Yu; $5,100,000.
  • 27 Bible St.: Nancy M. Cacciola to Jennifer L. Booth; $522,000.
  • 12 Hendrie Dr.: Thomas R. and Terry S. Clements to Bruce G. McAra; $1,296,200.
  • 1465 E. Putnam Ave., Unit 434: Estate of Jame E. McManus to Helen G. and KayTiong Oen; $450,000.
  • 417 Taconic Rd.: Twentieth Century Acquisitions LLC to Christopher M. Brant; $3,400,000.
  • 28 meadow Dr.: Robert H. and Joyce E. Newton; Caspar and Elizabeth MacRae; $799,000.
  • 5 Putnam Nill, Unit 2A: Estate of Florence Bonvenuto to Andrea Edwards Anthony; $331,000.

Sept. 24:

  • 175 Henry St.: Minchul Cho and Elsie Vasquez to Antonio DeFranco and Eunice Zepeda; $717,500.
  • 137 Milbank Ave.: CLT Milbank Avenue LLC to Thomas Silberstein and Elizabeth Newman; $3,385,000.
  • 13 Webb Ave.: Paul and Tonia Forster to Allen Vetrosky and Rebecca Kruger; $1,350,000.
  • 36 Morgan Ave.: Estate of Andrew Chim to Alan and Shannon Pesce; $395,000.

Sept. 25:

  • 21 Woodside Dr.: Janet H. and William R. Woods Jr. to Woodside Development LLC; $1,350,000.
  • 35 Midbrook Ln.: Orlando Tenorio and Claudia Restrepo to Michael P. O’Donnellp $1,394,250.
  • 42 Will-Merry Ln.: Kirk and Jill Kinnear to Andrew and Erin Stern; $1,990,000.
  • 125 Byram Shore Rd.: BNY Mellon NA, trustee, to Robert V. Sisca, trustee; $4,150,000.

Sept. 26:

  • 65 Florence Rd.: Dirk Salomons and Joan Halloran to Pieter and Cecilia Winje-Kroon; $842,500.
  • 630 Steamboat Rd., Apt. 4A: Janet A. Cliggott to Jerome and Elinor Deutsch; $1,787,500.
  • 1465 E. Putnam Ave.: Thomas Comerford and Sally Ann Phillips to John Saunder; $432,000.
  • 22 Pilot Rock Ln.: Katherine R. and Leonard B. Mackey Jr. to Charles B. Kaufmann III, trustee; $6,200,000.

Sept. 27:

  • 56 Putnam Park: Susan P. durniak and Clifford S. Peters, trustees, to Robert and Donna Rocco; $360,000.
  • 305 Milbank Ave.: ES Ventures One LLC to 305 Milbank Avenue LLC; $1,085,000.
  • 41 Charles St.: The Davis Family Trust to Sylvester J. Pecora Sr.; $125,000.
  • 41 Charles St.: Estate of Dorothy Davis to Sylvester J. Pecora Sr.; $250,000.
  • 41 Charles St.: Thomas M. Shaw to Sylvester J. Pecora Sr.; $125,000.
  • 9 Knoll St.: Roderick and Sharon Reed to Stone Financing LLC; $2,335,000.

Sept. 28:

  • 8 Alpine Rd.: Customers Bank to Alpine Road LLC; $1,750,000.
  • 31 Green Ln., Unit 2: Julie E. Taylor to Matityahu Yeminy; $416,000.
  • 21 Roosevelt Ave.:  Scott D. Schoeneweiss, trustee, to Aria Hattiangadi and John Graz; $1,860,000.
  • 109 Pemberwick Rd.: Phillip G. Lavoie to Nicholas C. Strychalski; $557,500.
  • 82 Zaccheus Mead Ln.: Gerald Z. and Rosalie Gibian, trustees,, to Olivia and Leonid Gandelman; $1,500,000.
  • 96 Riversville Rd.: Gregory J. and Gloria N. McDonald to Alexandros Stathis Kedros and Maria Helen Frangoulis; $2,399,999.


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