Letter: Floren Has 'Years of Solid Experience'

By Patty Sechi


Two years ago I endorsed Livvy Floren for the Connecticut House of Representatives because I felt strongly about her special kind of leadership, her ability to cross the aisle to get things done, and her generosity of spirit for—and genuine commitment to—the people she serves in her district.

Two years later, it is again my great honor to endorse Livvy Floren for her tireless and selfless efforts on all of our behalf. No matter what the issue — providing equal access to a good education, affordable child care and affordable housing, eldercare, afterschool programs, laws that prohibit the use of pesticides on the grounds of public and private schools, health and public safety, support of numerous community organizations, protecting our environment and conserving our resources — Livvy is always there at the forefront, making sure that her constituents have these opportunities so that they can enjoy happy and fruitful lives.

As chair of Greenwich Community Gardens for the past four years, I have been fortunate to have Livvy's unwavering help, guidance and support; she is still in there with us, helping to brainstorm plans for our second community garden. Livvy Floren is a person of unquestionable integrity and possessing a huge heart, combined with years of solid experience and a mile-long track record of meaningful accomplishments. We would all be very lucky to have Livvy Floren continue to represent us for another two years, and more!

Patty Sechi



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