Letter: For Obsitnik 'Life Shapes Perspective'

By Rosa Fini


The debate on 10/10/12 between GOP candidate Steve Obsitnik and Congressman Jim Himes was remarkable in offering contrasting visions of governance for attaining goals for our communities.

It was clear early in the debate that Mr. Obsitnik, with his real-world experiences as both a small business owner and his military service of nine years in the Navy, that life shapes perspective. For us, this will translate into understanding of crafting governmental policies which can either help or hinder business the first time around without. Such is the case of the Frank-Dodd legislation which Mr. Himes last night both claimed to be heavily involved in its writing as the only banker on the committee, and also needing to wait to see how the bill would impact communities to really understand it.

This is not the leadership that our country ever needs, especially in difficult times such as these. We must demand our Congressional representatives to understand what they are writing, and not pass huge bills that, by Mr. Himes own admission, are experimental in nature. Perhaps this is to be expected, considering that his demeanor last night on multiple occasions was downright adolescent and beneath the dignity of the Congressional office he seeks to retain. His debating technique of lobbing jeering commentary was better suited to a high school bully than a two term Congressman.

It is time change to a representative that has a clear understanding of his role in making policy that will improve our economy, create jobs, and make our country stronger.

Rosa Fini


Steven Rosenbaum October 14, 2012 at 10:24 AM
It's bad enough that after nearly four years in Congress, Mr. Himes has such a loose grasp of geopolitics. What has shaped Mr. Himes' foreign policy views? Perhaps it was spending time in Nicaragua studying the political structure(s) of the FSLN? Why does Mr. Himes refuse to talk about the foundation of his world views? The people of our district have a right to know.
Sean Goldrick October 14, 2012 at 01:48 PM
Let's be clear about Mr. Himes' foreign policy positions: back in early 2006, Jim Himes was one of the earliest supporters of Ned Lamont's campaign that was focused on ending the senseless and disastrous war in Iraq, a war that the American people wanted ended. At the time, Jim Himes was chairman of the Democratic Party in Greenwich, and as such was under tremendous pressure from the state party to support incumbent Joe Lieberman. But Himes showed true courage in backing Lamont, and supporting his position on ending that disastrous conflict. Himes put his political future on the line for principal. Jim Himes spent several years growing up in South America, learning to speak Spanish fluently. He earned a master's degree from Oxford University in Britain, and studied in Central America as well. He is also a graduate of Harvard University, who worked in the capital markets as a specialist in Latin American telecommunications. So Jim Himes brought tremendous international experience and understanding to the United States Congress. Steve Obsitnik spent five years in the Navy (not nine). But he has taken a stand on virtually no issue of international importance. Look at his website's "issues" page and you see nothing. Did Steve Obsitnik agree with the Neocons' invasion of Iraq? We don't know, because Obsitnik won't say. While Obsitnik claims to be a moderate, his solid support from Connecticut's Tea Party leaders demonstrates he is anything but.
Jonathan Perloe October 14, 2012 at 03:57 PM
Mr. Himes did not say he was waiting to see what the impact of Dodd-Frank is on the community. He said the process of appropriately regulating the hugely complex global financial sector takes time--because we need to get it right. That includes compromising with constituencies across party lines and between government and the private sector.


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