Letter: Paulmeno Is a Leader with 'Vision, Integrity, Discipline'

By Lynn A. Bausch


I am writing to encourage all voters in Greenwich to vote for Stephanie Paulmeno this November. Stephanie seeks the position of State Representative for District 150 to continue her tradition in advocating in the heath and human services arena.

I had the privilege of working with Stephanie for more than 10 years at Nathaniel Witherell. As Director of Nursing, Stephanie led with vision, integrity and discipline. She served as a mentor and role model to many staff and others who came in to her life.

Stephanie believes in strong education and health care programs for everyone. She has advocated for health access to all people and has served tirelessly on many boards and committees throughout the Town. Stephanie has fought diligently for decades to provide quality care to seniors, whether it was in her role at Witherell, the Health Department or as a volunteer in town.

I am confident that Stephanie has the ability to be bipartisan on all issues to work collectively with all the citizens in her District in the interest of moving projects forward.

A vote for Stephanie ensures we have a leader to fight for children, women’s rights and quality elder care.

Lynn A. Bausch

Deputy and Director of Nursing

Nathaniel Witherell  


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