Fake $100 Bill Turns Up in Byram

Greenwich Police are investigating the use of a fake $100 bill at a Byram deli.


Greenwich Police and the Secret Service are investigating the use of a counterfeit $100 bill at a deli in the Byram neighborhood of Greenwich.

The fake Benjamin was discovered when the staff of Kevin Allmashy, owner of Executive Corner Deli & Catering, 229 Mill St. in Byram, was counting the daily receipts on Feb. 13. It was the only $100 bill in the drawer and Allmashy's staff remembered the customer who used it to pay for a $11.70 purchase of a bowl of pasta and a pack of cigarettes, according to Greenwich Police Capt. Mark Kordick.

Allmashy said this was the first time he's been a victim of fake money.

"The guy distracted my employee and folded the bill so the bottom was not shown," Allmashy said. "At the end of the shift, my employees noticed the bottom of the bill a little off to question the bills and then to look at the holograms up in the light see if they matched.  ... the pen worked, and all other signs were right except the hologram did not match the other hologram in the picture."

According to Allmashy, "It was a $5 bill (with a) picture of Lincoln in the right hand corner and was reprinted with a $100 dollar printed on a 5 with Franklin in center."

Kordick said investigators are using photos taken from store security cameras to try to identify the suspect who's described as a light skinned black or Hispanic man, about six-feet tall, in his late teens or early 20s with short black hair. He was wearing a sports letterman-style red jacket with white sleeves and with the letter 'T' on the left front.

Kordick said the man apparently went into to Fusari's Pizza, across the street from the deli, to use the restroom.

Allmashy said he wanted to publicize the incident so that other merchants won't also become victims.


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