Greenwich's Opening Day: 'It Was Great'

Greenwich students and parents give a thumbs up on the first day of school.


As hundreds of students poured out New Lebanon School into the sunshine, the unanimous decision of the first day of classes was: "it was great."

An enthusiastic 10-year-old Clarissa O'Neill said, "We learned new things and to be a good fifth-grader. They showed us what you can do better and that because we're older in the school, you should be kind and caring to other people and listen to the teachers."

Parents gathered outside the school, some beneath the shade of the trees at the nearby Byram Shubert Library on Mead Avenue. They were greeted by a jovial school crossing guard Bob Lynagh who kept a watchful eye on traffic and directed the students as they walked home. "It's a beautiful day," Lynagh said.

And apparently it was for third-grader Alexander Marroquin. His favorite class during Tuesday's opening day, was "gym ... we ran around and played tag." Asked why he liked school, Alexander replied, "because you learn." He says math and science are his favorite subjects.

His parents, Maria and Jimmy Marroquin, said they were glad classes resumed. "He really missed school" during the summer. "He wants to be a lawyer," they added, as Alex nodded affirmatively.

Naila Mian said her son Aman, a second-grader, was "so excited" that classes resumed because it meant reconnecting with friends and having more activities to enjoy.

"We got gifts and tools," Aman said of his first day. And, most importantly, "my teacher's nice."

Greenwich Public Schools spokesman Kim Eves said the first full day of classes for more than 8,800 students "went really fabulously. We're very, very pleased. There weren't any problems or complaints."


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