Whiz Kid Warren Bein Goes The Distance

Musician, athlete, environmentalist and one busy student.

If you haven't heard Senior Warren Bein play the trumpet, you have been missing a local notable. Bein, who has been playing the trumpet since 4th grade, plays with the GHS Jazz Ensemble, Wind Ensemble and Marching Band. He has also played at such town events like the Art to the Avenue Opening and tribute to the late DTC Chair Dave Roberson last spring.

Bein also spends a lot of time running and not in place. One of the Captains of the GHS Cross Country team, Bein is preparing for two championship meets this week; FCIAC on Monday afternoon and the State meet on Saturday. While he prefers the distance of cross country, Bein also runs indoor and outdoor track.

In between playing the trumpet and running, Bein is also the Captain of the GHS Math Team, which has won the state championship for the past 3 years. In addition to math, Bein has a soft spot for the environment and is the Co-Chair of the GHS Environmental Club. And then add science to the list: Bein conducted his own science research project and created anti-bacterial paper out of graphene.

Whether it is making music, solving math equations or reading the Torah at in Stamford, Bein is going places.

1. Who is your hero?

There are so many people that influence me on a daily basis and I consider heroes, but as a true hero I look up to Wynton Marsalis. I’ve seen him perform many times, and what always amazes me isn’t just his trumpet playing. He stands on stage and talks to the crowd as if he’s having a relaxed conversation. He confidence shines through, and he is never arrogant, despite his great musicianship. After talking to the crowd, he steps up and plays the fastest, most beautiful trumpet lines I have ever heard. I also admire Wynton because he was able to take his talent in jazz trumpet and apply it to something else that’s related, classical trumpet. Wynton Marsalis is a confident and talented trumpeter, and that makes him my hero.

2. If there is one thing you could change about your school what would it be?

Overall, I really like the opportunities that Greenwich High School has given me throughout the past four years, especially because of all the classes offered. The one thing I would want to change is the use of the school security guards. Instead of preventing crimes like substance abuse and vandalism, which still happen at the school frequently, security guards often are only used to hassle students who forget their ID’s when entering school or to prevent students from bringing food into the science wing. What really irks me sometimes is that the kids who are bothered by the security guards are generally good ones that don’t get in trouble, while I frequently see drug abusers and security guards getting along quite well.

3. If you had a day to yourself, what would you do?

I am always most proud of a day that is full of accomplishments and enjoyment. I would start out early by having a quick 5 mile run with the cross country team. After stretching (so I’m not stiff for the rest of my day)I would eat a delicious breakfast of my mom’s waffles. For the rest of the morning, I would practice playing trumpet with the jazz masters on my iPod. As an afternoon activity, I would play hearts and watch a movie with my friends. I would spend the final hours of the day relaxing more with my friends or reading and listening to music.

4. If you could be a character in any novel you’ve ever read, who would you be and why?

If I could be a character in any novel, I would be Reuven Malter from The Chosen. Not only can I easily connect to his religious beliefs, but Reuven is intellectually curious, especially in math and science, and loves to challenge himself with difficult work. Also, Reuven works very hard, and is successful, at becoming a reliable and important friend for Danny. It would be great for me to be as good of a friend as Reuven.

5. What is your favorite place in Greenwich and why?

My favorite place in Greenwich is Tod’s Point. I’ve been running there since I was a little kid, but the scenery still strikes me as beautiful every time. Now, it is the GHS cross country home course. Besides the running, it’s a great place to go with friends for a swim or just to hang out. I have many great memories of parties at the beach, or by the picnic tables.


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